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What to look for in a university as a transfer

  1. Nov 25, 2013 #1
    Hello everyone, I am currently a California Community College student. I have a 3.7 GPA and rising, so I have great chance in almost all state schools in my state. The top schools here seem to be UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC San Diego. In a program in my state we get guaranteed admission to any UC except for those three if you meet a certain GPA requirement.

    When I go visit school what should I be looking for? I am looking to be a math major and I don't know if schools really have a Mathematics building or if it is kinda just spread out through physical science department.

    Should I get a general tour of the school? Can I ask to sit in on a course? How about meet with a professor? I feel like at these large universities they don't care too much about a "Potential Transfer" and would not take time to meet with me. How should I analyze campuses and decide what fits me best?

    Thank you, I appreciate your time.
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    Kracken, the UCs have open houses, events, other such things going on all the time for transfer students/ specific majors. Just the other week I hoped on a bus to UC Davis for a premed conference. I'm not a premed,but who can turn down a road trip?

    In short, look to see if your school posts such events and troll around the UC pages to see what's going on. Get off the internet and finish your homework first. ;)

    Also you should add UCSB, UCD, UCI, UCSC to your list, they're all good schools.
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    UCSB, and UCD are definitely on my list. Possibly UCI, and I don't think UCSC offers what I am interested in. Did you take a bus from far away? I did not know that buses went that far? The bus system I use is my county specifically. Could you link me to the bus system you use?

    Also, should I go to maybe one of those graduate seminars? I feel like they will be way to advanced for me to even comprehend.
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    The bus was from ucsd to ucd, it was an interesting trip. The point is, there is always stuff like that going on you just need to look. Take my earlier advice and decide on your major by summer 2014. You're to early in the game to be worrying so much about transfer.
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