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What to do before going to college

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    HI all,

    The upcoming spring semester, on january 15, i am going to start my undergrad studies at a us university (tlu). I am an international student though, so what i want to know is that what would be the best thing for me to do during these two weeks that are left before i travel to us for my studings. What i mean is that is it better if i just keep teaching myself math like i have been doing recently and reading books in english as a means of further improving my english skills, or just have fun, go out with my friends, visit my relatives(i havent done this for a long time though) and so on??

    What are some of your experiences pertaining to this issue?

    thnx in return
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    Don't waste your time studying.
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    I personally have studied in France before. And every bit of French I learned before going over there helped enormously! I recommend having fun, but at the same time budgeting some time to practice reading, writing, and speaking English as much as you can.
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    maybe you could go out with friends who will agree to speak only english.
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