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What type of EE should I pursue?

  1. Sep 22, 2015 #1
    I am in 4th year electronics and telecommunications. I am really good at mathematics and physics so I was thinking to go for microwave/RF engineering which I also hear is the hardest of all forms of engineering. The thing is everyone in this field which works as an engineer (not a professor) tells me it's barely mathematics and it's a lot of hands on and it's all about practical experience. Which I don't have very much of.

    For this reason I am also considering Signal Processing because of the math heaviness it has and I also like the idea of being in a domain which has applications EVERYWHERE. I don't love programming as much as actually making a circuit, but I don't hate it either. Anyway, it's mostly matlab and C and I am ok with those two.

    The master degree I will pursue is wireless and signal processing so I learn both, but I would like to start focusing on one of them from right now and start making some designs of my own in the respective fields.

    Another question I have is : Is it worth going to Munchen to get my master degree at TUM ? I am from Romania and the Master course "advance wireless technology" Is held by the best professors in my country and even though my university is nr1 in Romania, it's still nowhere in the top rankings. Probably because of it's very low research or something.

    I had an internship at Infineon Technologies in IC design, but I find it a lot less sciencey than RF and DSP, so I won't go this way even though I have to admit IC design has it's own beauty.
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    Whichever of the two you choose to specialize in you can always be a hobbyist in the other. It seems you need to figure out if you want to be more hands on or doing math.
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    Not at all my area but I imagine data and transmission security are aspects of or in the same ballpark as signal processing.
    I asked here about a year-and-a half ago on behalf of someone who asked my advice about best places for that sort of engineering in the UK (didn't get much reaction). In the end she chose a Master's very much oriented to computer security, and with what has blown up since it seems she couldn't have found a theme more likely to become in demand jobwise.

    Don't take anything from me, but I throw it down to stimulate reaction from those more qualified.
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