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What was your first to last year grade progress

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    im curious to hear how everyones grades changed as they progressed through higher education? In high school I had around a 40% average, then after 5 years I re-took all my highschool math and science then applied at university to get my honors in physics, my first year I had a 65% average... now in my 2nd year its probably a bit higher (I got a 60% in first year physics, now im at a 80% in 2nd year). Im curious to see if anyone else has gotten progressively better at school as they went on? It would be nice to hear that this is common as I feel most people I know had high marks in high school and have high marks now (their bad mark is my excellent mark :) )
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    I had around a 3.0 cumulative GPA in high school (although I did have a 4.0 my junior year, but I got lazy again in my senior year). In college, I continued my laziness into my freshman year and had a 2.5 that year. Then my sophomore year I started taking school a little more serious and got a 3.6 that year. My junior year was even better at 3.9, and my senior year was rockin' 6 A+'s, 3 A's, and an A- (meh). Now I am in my second senior year :smile: and I will likely get a 3.5 or 3.75 this semester (I am taking two classes that I just do not care about at all).
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    haha, you cant "meh" an A- mattmsn!!

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    Mine looks like an exponential.

    To the negative power.
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    I had a failing average as I finished high school, but because I just barely met the credit requirements I got my diploma.

    I'm now in my senior year as a mathematics major, which I went to college first, and in April 2008 I should be receiving my Bachelor's of Science with Honours, and my College Diploma in Business.

    Does this really matter? Not really because I still have lots of bad traits I had in high school. I'm going to have to try and get rid of them next term or least improve a decent amount.
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    in college, freshman/sophomore years i had a C-/D- average in math. in senior year an A average, including a graduate course in real analysis. (but i still didn't understand s**t)

    i just learned to play the game after losing my scholarship, keep my nose clean, attend class, do the hw, practice the old exams,etc....

    it was only in grad school that i began to think about the material for extended periods of time, and try to understand it.
    it was maurice auslander who got my attention, with a wonderful lecture style, and magnetized me to algebra and algebraic geometry.

    then alan mayer cemented my commitment to the subject, and finally herb clemens patiently helped me do a thesis.
    later especially robert varley, and numerous others (david mumford, phillip griffiths,.......), taught me more about the topic and helped me advance in the area.
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    High school was mainly a 3.2-3.6 GPA, graduating at about 3.45.

    First semester at college was a heavy load, calculus through ten hours of honors chemistry, and I managed a high GPA (3.8 or so). Second semester was easier academically, but I crashed in every other way--and ended up with a 2.x. Third and fourth semesters were dismal. Finally began to pick it up in the sixth semester, pushed myself, and graduated with a 2.9+, with my "last 60 hours" GPA at 3.5+.

    Too bad I took the majority of my physics courses in the first three years! My major GPA is about equal to my overall GPA. I'd be happier if it were closer to my last 60 GPA. If I had it to do over again, I would have left after the second crap semester, taken a semester off to work and regroup, and then applied to transfer to another school for a fresh start.

    First grad program I managed a 3.2-3.5 most of the time, and in my current grad program I'm maintaining a 4.0.
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    College Freshman: C+/B Average
    College Sopohmore: B+/A- Avg
    College Junior: A-/A+ Avg (so far)

    I'm working on a BS in EE.
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    High school grades (didn't have GPA): A's and B's

    Freshman year first semester: 3.7
    Sophomore year: Dropped a little
    Junior year: Bad year – got my first C's
    Senior year: Recovered a little
    Undergrad GPA: 3.15

    Grad first semester: 4.0
    Grad current GPA: 3.89
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