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What we know about the foundations of Quantum Mechanics?

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    It's known at anyone that, the QM is a powerful instrument investigation about the microworld....since 1930, official year born, the QM has explained a lot of mysterious facts, revealing strange behavior of the mother nature....... physicists love QM to the simply mathematical and for the amount information which derive from it's use
    But, The question is

    What we know about the foundations of Quantum Mechanics?
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    What do you exactly mean with "foundation of QM"??
    If you are looking for something like "what things really are" I think this is a common way to look at nature inside our own frame. But this is impossibile! QM is not a "powerful instrument" to describe something else but, as far as we know, QM describes the world as it stands and as it is. There is no current deeper meaning. Nature follows the laws of QM and that's it, is the nature itself that told us so.
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    This question is vague!

    Furthermore, the nature of this discussion seems to point more towards "philosophical" issues than anything else. It should be done in the Philosophy forum, provided that it abides by the rules for posting in that forum.

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