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What would be some degradation products of these compounds?

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    http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/1073/39228673.png [Broken]

    In terms of drug shelf life, what might those compounds degrade into over time? For compound 1, that the azole rings CH3 group as well as the carbons attached to the sulfur could undergo autooxidation to alcohols. I can also see that atmospheric moisture could lower the pH (due to dissolved CO2) and make the CN group hydrolyzable. For compound 2, I can see some potential for oxidation and hydrolysis too but I can't think of anything other than hydrolysis and oxidation reactions for either of these compounds. What other types of degradation could these drugs undergo?
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    Have you checked the literature? Using empirical rules to try and predict phenomena is okay; ultimately you need to run experiments (or check to see if someone else has already done the work) to get the answer.
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