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What would u do if u gained telekinesis

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    if you were to gain full telekinetic powers where would you go and what would you do?
    i would end all corruption on the planet and would not hide it.
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    What do you mean with telekinetic powers? Moving things around without touching them?
    I don't see how you could end corruption with that.
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    I wrote a story once where several people were given any superpower they wished for.

    The guy that wished he could fly drowned in the ocean because he got lost and very tired.
    The guy who wished for super strength ended up pretty much destroying everything.
    The guy who wished for invisibility ended up hearing all the terrible things people would say about him, then decided to go into crime, and of course realized this would require being naked, attempted to break into a store, which turned out to not be so easy, and knocked himself unconscious with a large cinder block, and, becoming visible again, was found naked the next morning.

    One person though - asked for the ability to be able to do one thing. "I want to be able to close people's car windows when they leave them open in the rain."

    He was the true superhero.

    "With great power..."

    -Dave K
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