What you bring to Atlantic City, stays in Atlantic City

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  2. I dont get it. Did you win something, or did you buy a Bus?
  3. radou

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    Me neither. And what's that restaurant named "Evo" have to do with honda civics and buses?
  4. I think he lost the Civic, and had to ride the bus home.
  5. radou

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    I think I got it. This is all just a riddle. And the prize is a $15,000 honda civic.
  6. Evo

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    Hey, they can't name a restaurant using my name without paying me. I feel a lawsuit coming on.
  7. radou

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    Fine with me, but could you just pleeease let the lawsuit wait until I win my $15,000 honda? (blink blink)
  8. Oops, I just reread the title of this thread, and I think your right. :surprised

    Also, why on earth did you pay 19k for a honda civic?
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