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When the US Almost Split in Three or More

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    This subject was inspired by When the USA Two Party System Broke Down, but I didn't want to clutter that thread with it. Like that breakdown, it was in the years just before the US Civil War.

    The Central Confederacy was a proposed nation consisting of the mid-Atlantic and northwestern states, the states between New England and the Deep-South states. One proposal mentioned New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri.

    So the US would have gotten split into a layer cake: New England, the Central Confederacy, and the Southern Confederacy.

    Around then, New York City mayor Fernando Wood proposed that that city secede and become an independent city-state, the Free City of Tri-Insula. Latin for "three islands": Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island.

    Even more nations: the layer cake with a city-state.

    But on April 12, 1861, the Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter in Charleston SC's harbor. That was the end of such proposals.

    But alternate-history buffs might find it interesting to consider what would have happened if these proposals had succeeded.

    What would their capitals have been? The Central Confederacy would likely have had Washington DC, New England Boston, and the Southern Confederacy Atlanta or Houston.

    As to the western-US territories, the Central and Southern Confederacies would likely have divided it up between them.

    The Southern Confederacy would likely try to conquer Mexico and Cuba and various other Central American and Caribbean territories.

    Would Europeans meddle in the three nations?

    World War I would likely have happened much as in our timeline, except for NE, CC, and SC likely getting involved on different sides. That would have helped the Central Powers, and either Germany would have won or else the war would have gotten stalemated. Not long after the Bolsheviks took over in Russia, they ended Russia's involvement in WWI with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, giving the westernmost territories to the Central Powers. Germany and Austria would likely have set up some puppet states, but when their inhabitants decide that their new masters are not much better than their old masters...

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    Colin Woodard, American Nations
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    Sorry but alternate history speculation is not appropriate at PF
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