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What's everyone doing once the summer is over?

  1. Aug 18, 2007 #1
    there was a "what's everyone doing this summer" thread a while back, and now summer's almost over... but life doesn't end once the summer is over :biggrin: so what are your plans after the summer? getting your degree? moving? changing career plan? starting your own religion?
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    Well, I'm going to continue with school, along with my part time tutoring job. Other than that, I'm planning on playing Ultimate Frisbee this semester.:smile:
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    I felt like I was in school this summer, because I started research at the school where I'm doing my PhD. So the only difference for me is that instead of working like crazy on research, I'll be working like crazy on taking and teaching classes. But don't feel bad for me, I graduated from undergrad in December 06 and basically goofed off for four months until I got into grad school this last spring.
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    back to school. Thank GOD!
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    i took classes all summer ... last day was thursday, i love school! can't wait ... only 1 more week b4 Fall starts ;)

    3 classes + Tutoring 2 subjects!
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    Going back to school for me, I can't wait, I am so bored right now. I am also going to try to get in some volunteering stuff as well, some of the same stuff I did from last year if I can and probably some new stuff as well to replace the stuff I didn't like as much haha.
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    I'm starting my first year of college at the University of Chicago, I am really looking forward to it.
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    im going to another 18 credits semester at UM in mech eng and math, and working in the materials lab part time. Im excited that i will finally learn the mysteries of partial differential equations this year
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    Good luck! PDE is one of those classes that can be really fun if you have a great professor, or it can really suck if you have some crazy Russin dude like I did.
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    Working - same as I did during the summer.
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    I get to start my new job as a Off-Campus Team Leader! Start school too and move out and tons of fun stuff.

    My entire month of September is already booked.
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    same here
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