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What's the excitation temp of He? How to get this?(DBD plasma)

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    I've experiment, which makes plasma using He-1 under atmoshpere & room temp,it's to show how DBD plasma emission energy.

    As I know that high intensity wave length of He-1 are 588nm,668nm,708nm..etc.

    If take a formula, ln(a) is propotional to -1/(T-ex). ln(a) is some value.(a has wave length,intensity..etc).

    To calculate excitation temp, I read a paper which pick up non-degeneracy wave length(to claer select high intensity wave length).

    I've got a calculation T-ex, which is over 1000K.(Energy level 1s 1s2p -1s3d)

    Is the right? (As I know, energy gap is around 0.3~0.7eV. But Is it also maintain under
    DBD plasma?
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    That is why it is called a non-equilibrium plasma. The gas in the DBD is in equilibrium and has a temperature of 300-400k but the electrons are not in equibrium. The electrons are heated by the electrical field and the DBD contains hot electrons that have energies of several eV. It is these electrons that create the radiation by impact on He
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