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What's the mean of the fertile free fuel

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    Hi, everyone what is fertile free fuel ?
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    Simon Bridge

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    That's a good question - what have you done to try to find out for yourself?
    Presumably you googled the term and found out the nuclear fuels context - since you still don't know, this must not be the one. Or maybe there was something about the answer that was not satisfactory?

    You can help us get the right answer for you by providing more detail.
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    Commonly it´s a fuel without U238 or Th232. The mean idea of using this kind of fuels is to reduce the conversion factor to zero in scheme of complete burning of transuranics.
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    Thank you for your help. is this fuel contain u-235?
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    or any other fissile material

    Yes it should have either U235, U233 or Pu239 if you want to maintain a reaction chain.
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