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Whats wrong with this matlab code?

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    I have a very simply matlab code. When I try go run it, I get no graph and switching over to the matlab command line, I see:
    ans =


    Here is the code:
    Code (Text):

    t = linspace(0,60);
    v = 3.22;

    for q_0 = [0:1:2007];
        q = q_0*exp(v*t);
        hold on
    It looks just fine to me.

    Any feedback would be great.
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    It runs fine in MATLAB R2006b on my computer.

    Perhaps try removing the semicolon at the end of "for q_0 = [0:1:2007];"

    - Warren
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    I still get no luck. I can run other m-files from the same directory with no problems. Does it say anything on the matlab command line when you run it?
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    I have copied-and-pasted the script on the Matlab (R11.1) command prompt and a figure appears. Nothing appears in the command line though.

    How did you try to run the script?
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    Dr Transport

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    It looks to me to be plotting every point in a separate graph,, try writing to an array and plot after the loop is complete. I;ll try at work tommorow where I have Matlab R2006B.
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    I tried to run it from the m-file editor screen. The usual Debug>Run. I also even tried to get it from the command line, but I still get ans = char as an output.

    I dont think its separate graphs. Its done on one graph but the "hold on" command allows me to plot different values for q_0 on the same graph.

    Its is possible for anyone to post a screenshot of the graph? btw, I'm using R14.
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    Here's a screenshot...

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    Thanks doodle. It seems I have to do a little tweaking of my domain, but its what I expected it to be.
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    It turns out I was getting this error becuase the name of the M-file had a white space. Beats me...
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