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What's your favorite entertainment genre?

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    My favorite is probably fantasy. Big Lord of the Rings fan. I feel at home in a very specific niche, namely 'the historical + high fantasy epic tales genre.' What I dislike is science fiction. All of it, all of it!
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    I don't have a favorite. A few that I'm not fond of are biographies and non-fiction sob stories (I don't know what they're really called).

    I think I lean toward mystery, thriller type stuff, but also enjoy romances (especially the historical ones...which are not at all historically accurate), and fantasy. I actually start to get bored if I read too much of one genre, so prefer to buy books from a variety of genres. I do the same with music, get bored of too much of the same genre, so mix it up...rock, country, blues, jazz, classical, etc.
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    I'd definitely have to say science fiction. There's some good horror movies and some REALLY good comedy ones. It just seems as though most of my favorite shows and movies are scifi based.
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    I like all sorts. I think my favourites are probably satire and dark humour though.
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