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When can I post or comment a non peer-reviewed article

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    I have been some time searching information about the flux of momentum in the electromagnetic field. With the help of some members of this forum, I learned that the Maxwell stress tensor was very related with this flux since its divergence plays the same role in the continuity equation for momentum than the divergence of Poynting vector plays in the Poynting theorem, however, I concluded the stress was not the flux itself and therefore I redacted a brief article about it.

    My question is: can anybody tell me where I could discuss it? I read that there was an independent research forum in this website but it was closed at 2011…

    Best regards,

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    Yes, it was not useful at all.
    In a scientific journal, at a conference, via email and so on.

    See also this recent thread.
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    Thanks mfb, I will try the two first options.

    Best regards,
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