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When is computer visions PhD required?

  1. Jul 25, 2013 #1

    Looking for some assistance on a decision. I'm an undergraudate EE student completing an extension to my industrial year in RF. I have the opportunity to accept an engineering embedded position on graduation however am swayed towards augmented reality, image recognition or computer graphics.

    My question: If I am to pursue an R&D position in these fields (e.g. architecture design for physic engines) are PhD's required? Furthermore does anyone know what the prospects are like in these fields? Also how will accepting this offer effect my prospects.

    Thanks for any help in advance
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  3. Jul 27, 2013 #2
    Those tend to be grad-level CS courses although usually undergrads can take them. A bare minimum would be extensive real-world experience or academic experience. I doubt a PhD is required but a MS probably is.
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