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When Should I start applying for full time positions?

  1. Feb 5, 2008 #1
    Hello everyone.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what a good time to start applying for full time positions.
    I still have 3 semesters left (2 after this currently semester.)

    I'm going to be interning either at Microsoft or IBM this summer depending on how well the m$ interview goes.
    My background is I already have 8 months experience working for IBM as a software engineering
    My current GPA is 3.65
    Major: Computer Science
    University: Penn State

    So can I start applying for full time positions in the fall? or should I do it sooner or what? I don't want to get an offer letter from any 1 company way before I would get offer letters of other company's though.

    So far the list of company's I'm going to apply for when I graduate in the Spring 09 are:
    Microsoft, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Google
    If anyone else has any suggestions of small or big company's they heard are pretty fun to work for let me know!


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    I imagine sooner is better. Most of these will have details about their hiring process available online or on request if you contact them (or current/former employees). Can't hurt either to check with Penn State's career center type people / alumni association / your department.

    Is there any particular niche you're after? (The inclusion of Lockheed Martin amuses me, for no particular reason other than Large Software Company, Large Computing Company, Aerospace, Large Software Company.) Boeing may be appropriate to add to the list depending on why LM is on it. Adobe, Apple, Intel, Amazon, HP, the NSA...loads of options. Any criteria?
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    Thats the thing, I'm not really sure what type of programming I enjoy the most. I don't like low level stuff. I don't want to be doing any type of embedded systems programming.

    I like to constantly work with cutting edge technology. I like to learn new things and keep my resume growing. Microsoft seems most promising or Google. I doubt I can get into Google though but worth a try.

    Thanks for the list! I'm going to start applying for full time jobs after this summer, because if I get the Microsoft intern I'll probably pick Microsoft. If not then I'll be looking because IBM I'm not a big fan of.
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    Apply early, and when you submit your resume, you might want to include a list of the courses available to you for your last two semesters and ask for suggestions. If they are interested in you and see a need for a particular skill-set, they may suggest that you take one or two courses that could help you advance their strategy for future development. For instance, MS is making an unsolicited bid for Yahoo! and may want to hire some people with very specialized skills to try to overtake Google.
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    Apply early to companies like Lockheed, Boeing, etc... because they may require a clearance.
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    Grad school? To what extent does the above == research?

    I don't think all their positions require it...but certainly some of the more interesting ones do.
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