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When Will People Stop Making Excuses?

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    http://www.lockergnome.com/oztech/2008/07/06/smoking-does-not-cause-cancer/" [Broken]

    I was thinking about how flawed this line of thinking is. Your brain produces DMT naturally, but does that mean we should go hallucinate on some DMT? No. When will people stop making excuses?
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    I wonder if this person will still hold to this argument when he or she is sitting in a cancer clinic and the doctor tells them the survival outlook for lung cancer or head and neck cancer patient.

    Unfortunately, as long as people are addicted, they'll keep coming up with excuses.
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    Maybe he should review the definition of the verb "to cause".

    And people won't stop making excuses. ;-)
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    He'll blame it on something else. I'm sure of this.
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    "It’s how the body was designed."

    haaaa his controls how our body is designed....

    Are you sure that's not a cigarettes commercial?
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    It could be one he's working on. I don't know.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.apa.org/releases/smoke99.html [Broken]
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    Interesting stuff.
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    Quit cracking down on knife crime! Stabbing doesn't kill. The fact that humans don't have platy Kevlar rib cages kills!

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    It's abundant in the world today. People not taking responsability for their actions and others actions. Now the attentive reader will think "what, take responsibility for other? wt* is he writing about?".

    Every action you take my friend, will result in consequences for other people. That is how we take responsibility for other people. Not deciding for them, but decide how we interact.

    And making excuses like "the state will take care of homelessness", "I feel violated because you are stern to me" and my all time favourite "I microwaved my dog, so I am suing the microwave company".

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THE SCHRÖDINGER EQ; can people take more responsibility for themselves and their interaction with others?
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    Well, for the love of the Schrodinger equation... okay.
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    I remember in I think it was Grand Theft Auto 3 or Vice City where on one of the radio stations you had a gun nut call in. His claim?

    Guns don't kill people. A bullet, a piece of metal, cannot kill you. An doctor will tell you that. You can die of blood loss or of organ failure, but not of "a piece of metal", therefore guns don't kill.
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    Are you suggesting that you are in fundamental disagreement with the esteemed professionals at the Tobacco Institute?
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    Frankly, the guy's right. And this is not news to us.

    We all acknowledge that it is the body producing cancerous cells. Cancer is a function of the body gone awry. Eliminating smoking and eliminating sun exposure will not eliminate cancer since cancer is part of an imperfect (in an ideal sense) metabolism.

    But so what? This guy's simply come to that realization that we all know, but that we also know is moot.

    The Institute for Cancer Research does not concentrate on yanking ciagarettes out of people's mouths, it concentrates on a cure - a medical cure - of the body. Duhh.

    That being said, it is also no shock that smoking cigarettes causes the body to grow cancers. Not smoking drastically reduces this, ergo...:uhh:
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