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Where can I buy a math book strictly with questions for practice purposes?

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    I want to be able to practice my math weekly or monthly so the stuff I learned stays in my head. I am currently self-studying to enter a college program in Sept. and I suspect I may be finished my pre-requisites 2 months early.

    What can I do? Is it counter productive to re-do example questions and exercises? Are there any resources I can buy? Where can I buy a big book of math questions? I'd like to buy one packed with intermediate algebra questions (Grade 11 and 12 college level math). One with a bunch of word problems that shows also shows the steps at the back of the book rather than just the answers. Does anyone know where I can purchase them?

    And one more thing, one for grade 11 and 12 physics?
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    You have pretty much stated the contents of Schaum's Outlines. Find one for the topic you're interested in reviewing and you're good to go.
    each chapter gives a brief overview of the topic of interest with the relevant results highlighted, then there are several fully worked exercises, plus more unworked execises, but with answers at the back.
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    Awesome. I'm definitely going to take a look. I will be looking for e-books aswell, so if anyone recommends any please share :)
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    why don't you look in a second hand bookshop?
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