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Programs Where can I do a masters in Quantum Mechanics?

  1. Jul 7, 2016 #1
    I am an undergraduate student in India doing my final year BS degree in Math. I am extremely interested in quantum mechanics and want to peruse quantum computation. What is the best possible course that I can take for my Masters? There appears to be a limited number of colleges that offer a direct masters in quantum computation. What other specialization can I take up that may lead me to this field?
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    Hey Ananthan9470.

    Quantum computation is a bit of a different "animal" because it is not just physics - but rather computation.

    Like normal computation you have the science (computer science), engineering (computer engineering), materials (materials science), physics (quantum physics) and the techniques that sort of "meld" all of this stuff together.

    When you study quantum computation you are going to have to figure out what part of this "meld" you will want to study. If you have the appropriate mathematical pre-requisites you can look at the algorithmic side of quantum computing which look at things like algorithms and structuring of quantum computing from its organized "atoms" (like qu-bits and the gates). It's not the only way to do it (adiabatic computation is an approach different from other classes of quantum computation) but it is one approach commonly looked at.

    These things are in their infancy but I would say one of the most developed parts of quantum computing (to date at least) is the algorithmic section (i.e. the quantum computer "science" part with algorithms) and with your background that would be the best bet for getting more in depth with the subject.
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