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Where can i find Aircraft Flight Data?

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    Hi all

    i am a student doing my thesis on the aircraft performance. However, i am in a need of actual flight data to validate my work. The parameters i am looking at are the range, fuel usage, velocity and altitude. Does anyone know where can i access to those data of any flights or any types of aircraft? The data could just be the average or the data of a single flight would be just fine.

    Thank you
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    The trade publication Aviation Week has pretty detailed specifications tables on their paywalled web site. These are also usually also in your library in a March issue.
    Flight International has similar tables, perhaps a bit less comprehensive, in their annual World Airliner and World Military Aircraft Census issues. Again, check your library.

    Do note that the parameters you list are all interdependent and that for normal use, the actual numbers will be well short of the extremes the type is capable of if one specific parameter, say range, is pursued.
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    Thanks you both for replying my post. but i think there is a bit misunderstanding here. The flight data I am looking for is actually the data recorded from a real flight, not the performance specification of the aircraft. It is sort of the data recorded every minute during the flight saying what is the current altitude, how far has been traveled and how much fuel left.

    Btw, I am looking at particularly either turbo jet or turbofan engine.
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    What you are asking for is a raw data summary, which in reports is always adjusted to remove variance sources such as wind or temperature and atmospheric pressure differences.
    You might get such data from NASA on some of their X planes, or perhaps ask some of the NASA counterparts in Europe like the DFLR or the ONERA in France. As a student, you might also get this kind of data from one of the domestic producers, such as Boeing. Ask for the data on some obsolescent type, maybe the 727 or the 717.
    A big airline such as United or American would also have this kind of specifics and might be willing to let you have access. Please remember to ask nicely and to explain why this data is important to your studies. Just asking without a good rationale makes it harder for anyone to give you what you want.
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