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Where can I find English translations of seminal quantum physics papers?

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    I am aware that Dover has a compendium of some of the early works from 1907-1926 (I think), but I am looking for later ones, specifically the papers of Vladimir Fock in Z. Phys. where he develops the Fock operator, and the Dirac-Fock operator (these are from 1929-1931 I think). I can sort of muddle through the original German, but I wouldn't want to make a silly translation error.

    Does anyone know if these papers have been republished in English?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Quite a few of Fock's papers are translated in

    V.A. Fock Selected Works: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory (Chapman & Hall/CRC 2004)

    which you can read online http://www.calameo.com/books/0000035452dd43f81845c [Broken] (url links from contents page may not work, use forward and back arrows to navigate through the book)

    Don't know if the specific paper you want is there though.

    The Dover Book "Sources of Quantum Mechanics" has translations of pre 1927 papers, but includes no wave mechanics, Schrödinger's wave mechanics papers can be found (translated) in "Collected Papers on wave Mechanics".

    For post 1927 papers try Wheeler and Zurek's "Quantum Theory and Measurement" (Includes translation of classics like Heisenberg's uncertainty paper, and Born's proposal that |psi|^2 is to be interpreted as a probability)

    And for some expert commentry on the period see Mehra's 'The Historical Development of Quantum Mechanics', particularly Vol 6 'The Completion of Quantum Mechanics 1926-1941'
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    Thanks very much unusualname. That was exactly what I was looking for.

    I was aware of the Dover book (I had a copy once upon a time .. but it seems to have walked off). I have also read exceprts of Mehra's work, but have not had time to review the whole thing .. definitely saving that for a rainy day though.
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