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Where do the free electrons go and how do I find the energy level?

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    Hi everyone

    I am new to quantum physics, [well any physics before this year] I am doing a course where I am asked to explain the sub atomic particles and why my chemical is like it like hydrogen.

    I have Carbon ^5+ ion, This makes it like hydrogen because there is one bound electron, I take it it has one shell for the bound electron, where do the free electrons go? Do they just move in the energy levels.

    Also I feel a bit lost on a energy ground state level, I Know that there it's an atomic number 6(Z), what is the n, and then there is the l and m1 and m2. I need to calaculate the energy level ground state and the next 4 levels. can anyone explain in easy English I'm obviously very lost!

    is this the correct formula for calculating the ground state. En = z^2 x -13.60/ n^2

    Carbon ^5+ ion has atomic number is 6, is n^2 (the 1 electron) or am I just confused perhaps I am beyond help?

    As I said I am really new at this, not even sure whether they expect me to go in to explaining sub atomic partcles in to the smallest particles, do I include the neutrions, quarks, gluons, etc when they talk of the atomic particles. I am not lost honest!

    Any help would be so useful if you could let me know where the electrons go and if I am on the right path equation wise it will really help. Any help will be very welcome.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my request.
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