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Where is your privacy policy?

  1. Jul 19, 2004 #1
    ? Where is your privacy policy ?
    There are strict laws governing, the collection and use of personal data, most web sites, have a privacy policy regarding, the storage and or use of such information,
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  3. Jul 20, 2004 #2
    33 people have looked at this post, and yet there is no reply, the question is simple,
    Could somebody please explain, why you don't appear to a privacy policy, what you intend to do it
    ps And who is GHB Web Design ?
    Could somebody resolve this with some haste , Before I take steps, over the obvious concerns I have
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    As far as I know, we have never drafted a privacy policy. We simply have never had any privacy issues. We are not a company, have no business license, and have no interest (or legal right) to make a profit. We are an ad hoc team of unpaid volunteers. We certainly have no interest in violating your privacy, but we simply haven't had the time or inclination to go draft a privacy policy. No offense, but we don't really care if you're upset about it. If you are uncomfortable posting here -- don't. We wouldn't want you to have to take any "steps" (:rofl:). Bernhardt Media and GHB Web Design are trademarked entity names that Greg Bernhardt, the other site admin, uses for his designs.

    Here's a privacy policy, adapted from http://www.vbulletin.nl/community/showthread.php?t=2978 [Broken], which we follow. Perhaps we'll make this our privacy policy from now on:

    - Warren
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    Yeah we don't have a concrete policy, maybe I will think about making one. But basicly we store your IP and registration information in our database for forum wide uses only, nothing to worry about. Bernhardt Media is my business and even though you see the bar at the top, PF currently remains a personal investment. GHB Web Design, wow how did you find that out, now your scaring me lol, I used GHB Web Design several years ago in my early teens. Anyway it is no longer an entity.
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    GHB Web Design is listed as the registrant for physicsforums.com
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    Oh I guess I haven't updated that in awhile :redface:
  8. Jul 20, 2004 #7
    I'm glad you find me amusing, most people do, :rofl:

    Greg Bernhardt,
    Its important to keep your whois, registration information current, and accurate, you never know who's going to insist upon a check, with the obvious legal implications, if any of the information is inaccurate

    You should seriously consider posting a privacy policy, and doing some legal checks, as soon as possible, there's things you should be aware of regarding storing personally identifiable information, I urge you to do this now

    I'd be happy to assist,

    Thank you for explaining yourselves,

    let me explain myself
    The reason for all of this, isn't that I don't like posting here, I enjoy making a fool of myself, especially in subjects, I know very little about
    No its all down to spyware, and certain cookies from your rotational banner by burst media, I investigate, things like that, I'm annoyingly persistent and rigorous, about anything to do with Internet security, and privacy, a subject which I'm sternly serious about, which lead me inevitably to both your privacy policy, and the privacy policy of vBulletin, I've already contacted them, about this over sight, being a UK based company, brings into effect, the notorious, 86 data protection act, with Eu updates, businesses need to be so aware these days, don't you think?

    Hope you don't mind, me gently trying to Nudge you in the right direction, but as I said, I'm sternly serious about this subject

    Have fun Devilin :biggrin:
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    We're not a business, and there's nothing illegal about not keeping your whois information current. Give us a break.

    - Warren
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    Maybe we could stick that in our TOS....

    No offense, Devlin, but you seem a little(unduly) hung up on this issue. Its accounted for roughly half of your posts in this forum, and I rather suspect you've spent more time investigating it than you have browsing/posting our forums.
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    Not necessarily anything wrong with that; privacy is an important issue. The attack dog thing is annoying though...
  12. Jul 20, 2004 #11


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    devilin, no one cares about your privacy this much...
  13. Jul 20, 2004 #12


    I believe you'll find, Network Solutions your sever, has a legal agreement which you must sign, about keeping accurate information, industry standard type stuff, in a dispute about the accuracy of the information, somebody could take steps :rofl: , and freeze an account they believe is inaccurate

    As for not being a business, Warren, you are taking money, even low you may not be profitable, once finances are involved, along with personal identifiable information blar blar blar I'm sure you know the rest :biggrin:

    russ_watters Yes I'm very hung up about this subject

    Listen, I'm trying to be helpful, again I offer my assistance, in helping you create a privacy agreement, there are certain legal aspects which you should be concerned about, once you start collecting, and storing personal identifiable information, do a quick search, find out about this stuff

    Although your more than welcome, to ignore me, the choice is entirely yours, but please take a few minutes to investigate the legal aspects
  14. Jul 20, 2004 #13
    I do, I also care about your privacy, I believe its an important issue,
  15. Jul 20, 2004 #14
    Devilin, we appreciate your help and your point has been made.
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    As long as Greg is reachable, he is ok. Obvioulsy he is reachable through this website.

    Network Solutions is just one of a number of domain name registration services. Of course they are the oldest, being the company formed when the Internic was dissolved.

    I would bet that greater than 50% of the records are seriously outdated.

    Freezing an account does not disconnect the service. (I know I am in the industry and ISP's are my clients) Network Solutions does not check accounts for accuracy. It would probably require no less than a criminal investigation for them to take action.
  17. Jul 21, 2004 #16

    Hi Evo :biggrin:
    I'm not talking about this site, just generally
    Outdated records, are a easy target, far more of a harassment tactic than anything else, :biggrin: you contact the sever, the sever is obliged to contact the registered name, Blar blar blar, its an excellent way of getting somebody's attention, :biggrin: but you can close web sites, with less than criminal action, if you know what your doing, its all down to the sever, if the sever believes its in its own best interest, to freeze or suspend a account, it does, simply reading through agreements, pointing out beaches of agreement, can close a site down, if the sever believes its in its own best interest, to do so, its neither easy or fast, but it is possible
    Evo Being a industry insider, you should know about, privacy policies and personal identifiable information, why don't you clue these Chaps up?
  18. Jul 21, 2004 #17


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    Hi Develin,

    The people here are really good people. From the infractions I have witnessed elsewhere, I would think this forum would have very little to worry about. But, I guess you can never be too careful. :smile:

    True, the "path of least resistance". Easier to take action and ask forgiveness later. I am all too familiar with this approach. :wink: However, the potential loss of business lawsuits if it is found that they acted too hastily, usually prevents such harsh measures from being taken without a warrant.

    I've had to give testimony in court in dealings with ISP's before. :frown:

    All of what you said is relevant, but your posts were a bit aggresive, even if they weren't meant that way.
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  19. Jul 21, 2004 #18

    My apologies, if I seemed aggressive, I just tend to get into a mind set, on these types of issues, my original post was read by over 30 people, and nobody bothered replying, and I realize I had absolutely no idea, what type of people were running this site, there are rogue forums around, as I'm sure you know yourself, so this instantly put me into a mind set,

    Court case? Wasn't a Spamer was it ? , some of them were getting pretty clued up, towards the end, suing for loss of business, unbelievable :surprise:
    I was involved in closing down rogue sites, in the early days, hacked empty sites, mostly, when providers were still using preset admin passwords, on F.T.P access, the good old day's, :smile: we even used the good old, atg.wa.gov and there like, at times, when credit card were involved, I started getting board low, and moved to investigating software, just before it starting to become messy, people suing for loss of earnings, people suing for infringement of newly created data protection laws, very messy indeed :frown:

    ps /\ Evo, I'm not sure if you've heard of these guys, European, it might be of some interest http://www2.oecd.org/pwv3/ [Broken]
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  20. Jul 21, 2004 #19


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    1) We have roughly 6000 unique visitors every day. 30 views is not very many at all. You got responses from both administrators within a day. I'd really be happy if my cable company could respond as quickly.

    2) We're not a "rogue forum," whatever the hell that is. We try to provide a good service to our users, and we enjoy providing that service. Please stop persecuting us.

    3) Why on earth would you want to attempt to close our site anyway? Furthermore, why are you even harrassing us? You seem to have a history of going around to different websites and harrassing them for no reason. Perhaps it's just a fun game to you? If this is going to be your only contribution to our community, we honestly don't want your membership.

    4) You are free to use PF without providing any sort of personal information. If you choose to register to post, you are required to provide an email address, which is kept confidential and not abused in any way. You don't have to tell us anything at all else about yourself. We're not keeping credit card numbers, legal names, or anything else like that.

    5) I should clear this up -- we don't accept any money. We are not an ecommerce site. People donate money to us via paypal, and it is paypal that holds personal information relevant to such financial transactions, not us.

    - Warren
  21. Jul 21, 2004 #20
    chroot, :wink: I'm not trying to close you down, I believe you may have misunderstood the post above , where I was explaining to Evo, about my History,

    Remember several years ago, before Spam filtering by network providers, when some people were receiving hundreds of Spam email's daily, I was involved, with many other people, in trying to slow down, or stop this abuse, spammer's, and virus writers, and other nasty individuals, often hacked web sites, for there purposes, or website were created, that were non secure, designed to take credit card details, from vulnerable people, I with many others, helped to close these sites down,? Ever received a Spam email offering cheaper Norton products ? , if you followed the link, it would have led you to a non secure website, trying to take your credit card details, if I received that email, or if you'd reported the email to me, I would have investigated, and then reported it to Norton, which has a very good report abuse interface, the attorney general, and the sever,

    Its what I used to do, trying to protect the vulnerable, because its the decent thing to do,

    Abuse still happens, vulnerable people are still exploited,

    Now I'm not trying to close you down, or trying to harrass you, I believe you offer a decent and valuable service, and I congratulate you upon the excellent web site that you run, secure pay pal and all that, :biggrin:, and I admire the excellent community you have created, and appreciate the time and effort, and financial burden, that goes into this site,

    But could you also appreciate, that there are sites, that are designed purely for the exportation of the vulnerable,
    And from my point of view I received a spyware warning, while on your site, so I investigated, I didn't set out to receive a spyware warning, neither did I intend investigating, your site, upon arrival, it just happened,

    Personally I'd suggest closing this thread. to avoid any further misunderstanding,

    And if you prefer I'd not post here in the future, that's your provocative

    I'm sorry if there was an earlier misunderstanding, and I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you, but try to see this from both points of view,

    Have fun Devilin
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