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Where there more planets being formed?

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    I understand how planetary orbits are described by Kepler`s laws, and how planets in our solar system have the different orbital velocities that they have. But I was wondering that if those planets are just the ones that during the solar system creation, due to their initial velocities were able to stay in orbit, whereas others due to very high or very low initial velocities escaped or collapsed into the sun. Did this happened?
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    Certainly yes, though most would not have had much time to form before crashing into the sun or escaping. But there is still smaller debris impacting the sun or other planets all the time.
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    Russ, is it very likely that many of these bodies actually fell into the Sun or acheived escape velocity? How would they gain/lose that much velocity?
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    I've seen models with 50-100 protoplanets being formed during planetary formation. Most of these collided or were torn apart from gravitational interactions with each other. Very few would be destroyed by the sun. Some would definitely escape orbit via gravitational interactions as well.
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    They wouldn't. If they "fall into the sun" they never had enough velocity to orbit the sun. If they escaped they already had enough velocity to excape.
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