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Where to learn about Density of States?

  1. Jul 23, 2012 #1
    I am the point where i need to learn about Density of states, how to explain the concept and how to then calculate it for different systems, however I am unable to find any texts that really explain it on an introductory level. If anyone knows any sources or text that have a good introductory explanation please could you recommend it to me. Currently I am only able to calculate for a single massive non relativistic particle in a cube. Thank you
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    You need to enroll in a Solid State Physics class, using a text such as Kittel or Ashcoft and Mermin.

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    Thank you for the help,I will be looking at those books and I will be enrolling in one of those classing in the fall, I was hoping to rea dup ont he subject before I went back to university Thank you for the help.
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