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Where would the best place to put this be?

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    For fun, I'm writing an article, as mathematically formal as possible, which, at the end, gives a rigorous definition of "coolness."

    Anyways, there's a thing I'm having difficulty coming up with a definition for, and I wanted to ask for help. However, since this for a parody paper, I feel that the mathematics forums are a bad place to post, but since it's rigorous and such, General Discussion seems out of place, too.

    Does anyone have any idea where the best forum to ask is, or even if a question of this sort belongs on the PF at all?
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    General Discussion seems fine, I guess. The mentors can still move it if it turns out to be not suitable.
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    if you're truly cool, you'll look good anywhere! :smile:

    i take it you've studied newton's law of coolness, and the fonzarelli series? :thumbs:
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    This is easy. You just define "uncoolness", and then define "coolness" as "not uncoolness" :biggrin:
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    Or, you could define "1", then multiply that by "coolness". Voila!
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    http://brian.shaler.name/images/blog/coolness-graph.png [Broken]

    Image compliments of http://brian.shaler.name/pages/blog/brian-shaler-is-not-cool/ [Broken]
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