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Where would you like to travel to?

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    For me its all about nature. Before I go to any city, I would like to see the arctic tundra (above the tree-line), the savana, the Sahara, the Australian Outback, Antarctica, the rainforests.

    Human formations can wait!

    I honestly think that other than my career, seeing the different natural areas of the world is going to be my life goal.

    Where do you guys want to go?
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    Seems we think along the same lines although I wouldnt mind visiting Rome and some other historical sites. Ive also always wanted to climb one of the major mountains in the world.
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    I'd love to traverse the Amazon and the Nile and to see the wildlife that lives in their environs from their headwaters to where they meet the ocean.
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    There are so many places I want to go for different reasons I wouldn't even know where to start. Some places I would want to go to for the nature, scenery ...ect, others for the history and the architecture. I can't wait till I have the money to actually start to travel.
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    i want to see most of the national parks in canada someday, like nahanni (1st-ever world heritage site), auyuittuq (aka "the land that never melts" :tongue:), gwaii haanas, torngat mtns, jasper... i want to see many of the provincial parks in bc, & a bunch of places in china i hope to see someday like huangshan, huanglong, wulingyuan, jiuzhaigou valley, guilin... strangely i don't really want to see much of europe. maybe the whole continent is just too 'touristy' for me. i guess there are parts of india (jaisalmer fort, amber fort, srinivasa ramanujan's old house, etc), central asia (samarkand, etc), turkey & many other places but i would say the most of the places i want to see are in canada & china.
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    I'd like to see the clay licks in Brazil, and some of the other major parrot gathering points in the Amazon rain forest. Also goto the Congo rain forest. For another I'd like to ride the Trans Siberian RR from Moscow to Vladivostok.
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    aha i just remembered the camino del santiago or whatever it's called, that 6-week pilgrimage across northern spain & half of france to santiago de compostela. THAT would be a good trip, & cheap too!
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    Just send me to Barcelona please. Either that or Rio. Not the resorts either. Give me 3 months, crap-hole apartment, no job.
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    North Korea would be cool -- to experience a place like that before they all disappear.
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    I want to go back to Aruba :) I miss that place.
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    I really want to ride a bicycle from Sydney (or Brisbane) to Perth. I figure it would take about 4 or 5 weeks.
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    Scotland, the Isle of Sky. I was so close once, then became very ill. I'd love to go back.
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    Italy, Spain, and perhaps Sweden or Norway.
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