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Homework Help: Which better predicts Horsepower- weight or speed

  1. Feb 10, 2009 #1
    Which better "predicts" Horsepower- weight or speed

    1. This problem involves vertical motion on a flight of stairs, the force of friction is to be ignored. I just can quite put my thumb on whether speed or weight will better predict the resulting horsepower, given that weight (mass times gravitational field strength) times velocity (meters per second) is equivalent to horsepower. Can someone help me please?

    2. Weight being (N) and speed being (m/s)

    3. As I explained I cannot find which one would better "predict" HP, since both are direct factors. Perhaps would that make them equal?
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    Re: Which better "predicts" Horsepower- weight or speed

    P = Fv, so you need BOTH the force (weight) and the velocity.
    Note that this will come out in units of watts if you use the metric system. You'll have to look up the conversion to horsepower.
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