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Which discipline to specialize in engineering?

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    Hey guys, at my university (university of alberta, canada), we have a 1st year general engineering program, then you get to pick your discipline, right now i'm still unsure of what I wanted to go into exactly, I've been having conflict with "picking the right choice" and pick "what i love", so I'm wondering if anyone here with an engineering background can introduce me to pros/cons of their discipline.:rolleyes:

    As of right now, I have 4.0 gpa, so i really have a lot of choice and I don't want to make a bad decision, thanks for the help!

    also, I would like to know, if I plan to go into graduate studies in the future, should I be taking that into account when picking my discipline? Thanks all o:)
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    At my undergraduate school (UC Davis), you didn't have to declare your specialty until after the first two years. It would have been hard to have to do it after just the freshman year.

    I initially went into school thinking of ME or maybe a ME/EE double major, but I found that I really enjoyed the EE hardware and software classes the best. I found them challenging in a good way, and it was very rewarding to finally start understanding all the electronics and programming stuff that I'd wondered about for so long. I also discovered that I had a real aptitude for Physics -- it ended up being a harder choice for me between EE and Physics as my major. I ended up chosing EE for financial reasons, but Physics is still my first love.

    So I guess the only advice I can give to you is to go toward whichever field you find especially challenging and rewarding. Take a look at each research program that is going on at your university, and ask yourself if you would enjoy working on a project like that.
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