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Homework Help: Which drop of water has more force to hit ground?

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    which drop of water has more "force" to hit ground?

    wish to know which drop of water has more "force" when hitting ground?

    http://img93.imageshack.us/img93/9831/image20nh.png [Broken]

    and perhaps some "simple" explanation why you think so.
    thank you :)
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    If we are to assume that the water from "glass 1" slides along the wire until it reaches the end, then it will slide slowly. At the point where it leaves the wire, it will have less speed than the drop that has fallen directly from the glass so will have less speed and less momentum when it hits the ground. The drop from glass 2, having more momentum, will hit the ground with greater force.
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    If the drops start with equal size then the drop that travels along the wire will have less mass when it hits the bottom because more of it will evaporate due to its longer transit time (to say nothing about surface tension and "wetting" effects on the wire).
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