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Which force mediates a reaction in which a pion and a deuteron form two protons?

  1. Strong

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  2. Weak

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  3. Electromagnetic

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  1. Jun 15, 2011 #1
    Which fundamental force mediates the reaction [itex]\pi^+ + D \rightarrow p + p[/itex]?

    My initial assumption was the strong force because states only feature quarks (i.e. there are no leptons) but looking at it again I'm not 100% sure.

    Do I need to include colour factors? Could it be a neutral current Z without lepton pair production? Or electromagnetic, photon absorbed by proton?
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    am sure that the strong interaction mediates the reaction in which a pion and a deuteron form two protons.and yes u should include a color factor.the deuteron is made of a proton and neutron.the positive pion interacts with the neutron and leads to the formation of a proton .is a simple way a positve pion is made of up and anti down,and the neutron is made of ddu.so the down and anti down annihilate which leaves uud which is a proton.
    u can also read this paper made specifically for pre-university level to understand the pion exchange mechanism which include color charge and gluones.http://teachers.web.cern.ch/teachers/archiv/HST2002/feynman/Pion%20exchange.pdf" [Broken]
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