Which is Better: ETH Zurich or KTH Royal Institute of Tech.

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I am a mechanical engineer and I want to make a small shift by study for a master degree in nuclear engineering.

Which will help me better in finding a job afterwards - in reactor safety analysis or reactor design and engineering, ETH Zurich Master in Nuclear Engineering, or EMINE Master Program in Nuclear Energy (held in KTH Royal Institute and 2nd year in Grenoble INP) - also which one has a higher potential for getting a PhD assistantship in the same universities or other universities?

I see that ETH Zurich is more reputable and has higher rank in Eng and Tech, KTH has more specialized courses in computational methods and generally it has more diverse courses.


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maybe the practical problem of admission will solve the issue for you.
If they say you have to take some bachelor courses because your degree did not feature stuff they consider necessary, you may have to take courses that are not in English depending on the university and courses.
Maybe one university of the two will not ask you to take too many background courses.
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I was under the impression they're largely interchangeable, ala Oxford and Cambridge, at least in terms of "general" rep (i.e. not considering specific courses which ma be considered more prestigious such as part III maths at cambridge). I think ETH has more courses in English and by extension a slightly improved international vision, but I don't really think it makes that much of a difference.

As Formagella suggested, apply to both. If they both accept you then pick the one you like the area/feel of better, and if only one does then you have your answer. If neither do then consider why that was and how you can improve your application :P