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Which is the most powerful black hole or a worm hole and why

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    Which is the most powerful black hole or a worm hole and why, also what is the difference between them?
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    Ahem. I think you need to inquire first about what a black hole and a wormhole are, and decide what you mean by "powerful". These are not muscle cars lined up at a dealership.

    And in my experience the forum is most helpful if you have done a bit of googling first - for instance asking "what is a black hole" is I think best answered at first by having a look at the corresponding wikipedia page - this will surely lead to some questions that the experts around here can then help you with.
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    I agree with wabbit. Your question is very unclear. Neither black holes nor worm holes are measured by 'strength' or by 'how powerful' they are. You can use these terms, but only in very specific contexts, such as stating the strength of the gravitational force at a given distance from the black hole. But overall we don't usually say one black hole is stronger than another. The same applies for worm holes.

    Also, PF is not an encyclopedia. Broad questions, such as asking what the differences between a black hole and a worm hole are, are better left to other sources. What can one post or even one thread hope to say that beats a single, well-written article? If you read an article and then have specific questions, then that is something we can help you with.
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    This thread is closed because the starting point isn't solid enough to lead to a discussion based on scientific principles. Drakkith's post above is good advice.
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