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Which is worse; marihuana, alcohol or tobacco?

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    I've tried looking for info but honestly I'm quite pissed at all the incoherence out there. Some sources say marihuana is like 3-4 times more harmful to your lungs than tobacco. However, according to wikipedia, there hasn't been a reported death directly attributed to marihuana...so how can that support the statement about the harmfulness of marihuana??
    Alcohol, I've heard, does more damage to your brain than marihuana. Seriously, how bad can that damage be? Many, many adults drink alcohol all their lives and live on to healthy lives. Same goes for marihuana.
    Perhaps smoking a joint or two weekly is fine...? Maybe the real harm comes when you abuse it. But still, I'd like to know what harm can a joint or two weekly do to you.
    In my personal opinion, the US government has given marihuana a seriously bad image, while it is not that bad.
    I've heard and read that marihuana damages your memory (specifically short term memory). But does alcohol and tobacco also have some effect on memory?
    For the record, I don't smoke tobacco or marihuana. I just drink alcohol but usually just on weekends and special occasions.

    So what do you guys think? Any info. or stories you can tell me on the matter, are appreciated.
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    I understand that marijuana smoke contains more carcinogens. Marijuana smokers don't generally smoke as much marijuana though as tobacco smokes smoke tobacco.
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    Here is the information on marijuana you requested.


    Since threads of this nature tend to degenerate into stories of illegal use and drug and alcohol abuse, thread locked.
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