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Which masters programmes are possible with ChE degree ??

  1. Aug 19, 2015 #1
    I am studying chemical engineering in Bogazici University at Turkey, which is most reputable school in Turkey.

    İn Engineering and Science field, which programms can be affiliated with that degree ? Which different fields can i go through with bachelors degree at chemical engineering ?
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    In the UK, at least, obviously there is Chemical Engineering. Most Bio-engineering degrees will probably be accessible unless they're heavily skewed to biomedical devices or something like that. Some specific civil/environmental, mechanical, and aerospace programmes may be available depending on your course content and strengths (particularly in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics). Certain Chemistry and Biochemistry programmes may be possible depending how much core chemistry you covered. Similarly depending on your background some petroleum geology/geophysics courses may be possible.

    Beyond this, anything that just requires a generally quantitative background (e.g. most quantitative biology courses, economics and quantitative finance, some applied maths courses) should be reasonable prospects.

    Finally anything that just requires "a good first degree" without any specific subject prerequisites (e.g. several social science and some humanities programmes, and some grad entry medicine and most grad entry law programmes) is obviously available if you have good marks.

    edit: also you may be able to go into some materials science or physics programmes that are very specifically tailored towards the surface science/stat mech side of things if you covered these in sufficient depth at undergrad
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