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Which side of a wireless repeater to connect to?

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    Ok, so I have my desktop connected to my Linksys E2500 router with DD-WRT installed, and the router acting as a repeater to get my desktop on the internet (see my previous thread).

    Now I'm just wondering whether it would be better to have my wireless devices connect to the E2500, or directly to the gateway? The E2500 has a stronger signal through most of the house (more central location, and ?maybe? better radio). I don't know if the E2500 would create a bottleneck though?
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    Unless you require access to the computers from the internet, it shouldn't make any significant difference which router your wireless devices connect to. Having two NAT services running will cause problems for P2P file sharing solutions like torrents and perhaps online gaming but out side of that, for regular network use, I do not think there will be any difference.
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