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Which technology will internetize society next?

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    Ok, that title is very crude I admit it. By internetize, I mean which new technology will be the next revolutionary technology to severly impact society.

    Here is a brief list of my opinion of the most impacting technologies in roughly the last century.


    So, will quantum computing be next? Before nanotechnology has mainstream applications? Before fusion power? I know this post is asking alot of you to predict an uncertain future, but is there any guidance in the scientific community that predicts when such technologies will reach early adopters?
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    i think if we discover room temperature (and reasonable pressure! for those who are up to news) superconductors, it will open up a huge array of applications, from much faster computers, to much better forms of transportation. it seems like some great work is done in the field, and I can't wait for it to happen. it would change everything.
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    For those not "up to news", I believe http://www.nextenergynews.com/news1/next-energy-news3.19a.html" [Broken] summarizes what Mephisto was referring to.
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    Wow, that would be a huge breakthrough if cheap superconducting wires would come out. If so, couldn't they cut out AC current entirely considering that telephone wires wouldn't lose current? I believe you forgot to add cell phones to your list also.
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