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Which 'Units' will I benefit most from in a Physics Masters?

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    Which Subjects will benefit me more:

    -Mechanics (Extensive, sound foundation in mechanics)


    -Further Pure Maths (If I take all the units, likewise, I will have a better understanding of mathematics)
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    Depends on the masters you want to do. Of course, a sound foundation in mechanics is always good to have and will be of use in (almost) any part of physics. But if you want to do theoretical physics, for example, I can also very much recommend pure maths.
    Furthermore, the advise would depend on what exactly the subjects contain. For example, do you learn about Lagrangian / Hamiltonian formulations in Mechanics? Will you learn about manifolds, topology and Lie groups in Pure Mathematics?
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    Are these university courses? They sound like A level modules to me, but I could be wrong. If I'm right, then I'd pick the maths: you should learn mechanics in your physics class anyway.
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