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WHO created this geometry theory?

  1. Aug 14, 2006 #1
    http://www.freakinbananas.com/maths.jpg [Broken]

    ok the theory says something like....

    the semicircle EBIG = the difference between the rectangle ACJD and the cutoff cone ACHF

    not sure if this is some important thing or anything?

    but if it is,

    who made it and where can i get some info bout it?
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    But it looks false to me...Basically you're stating that half of the small semicircle cutoff equals one of the side triangles...but the height is equal...almoust, the base of half is a lot bigger, and a semicircle attracts more surface than a triangle...in the curve vs oblique line.

    I see it as not true to be honest...but that's only by looknig at the picture.
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    ok thanks that is all. no more comment needed
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