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Who do you think you are?

  1. Jan 7, 2006 #1
    Explain your nickname;
    Real name;
    Place of birth;
    Place you live now;

    When did you first became a member;
    Most fun topic;
    Most boring topic;
    Biggest frustration;
    Biggest success;
    Best PF Aspect;
    Favourite PF user;

    Life outside PF
    Favourite 3 movies/series;
    Favourite 3 books;
    Favourite 3 bands/singers;
    Favourite country (holiday/in general);
    Favourite food;
    Favourite drink (home/night out);

    Some more about you:
    Describe your character;
    Best thing in your life;
    Worst thing in your life;
    Something that I want to achieve;
    Never again;
    Worst characteristic;
    Best characteristic;
    Person you really appreciate;
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    Nickname; Mattara
    Explain your nickname; None really. People disliked me on IRC so i changed
    Real name; Emil
    Age; 17
    Place of birth; Boras, Sweden
    Place you live now; Boras, Sweden
    Education; High school
    Occupation; Student
    Partner/children; none (sadly)

    When did you first became a member; About a week ago
    Most fun topic; The Science tutorials
    Most boring topic; None so far
    Biggest frustration; People who discuss science only for the sake of winning
    Biggest success; None so far
    Best PF Aspect; It is about Science
    Favourite PF user; Many favourites

    Life outside PF
    Favourite 3 movies/series; 24, Mythbustes, Macgyver
    Favourite 3 books; Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordam
    Favourite 3 bands/singers; Evanescence
    Favourite country (holiday/in general); USA
    Favourite food; Unhealty food
    Favourite drink (home/night out); Coke cola

    Some more about you:
    Describe your character; Evil
    Best thing in your life; Science, my mom, Orkfia(an online game)
    Worst thing in your life; Not knowing everything there is to know about science
    Something that I want to achieve; Learning everything about Science
    Never again; Bump me head into someting
    Worst characteristic; Looks down on people who doesn't make an effort
    Best characteristic; Helpfull, funny, a little beter-than-average problemsolving skillz
    Person you really appreciate; Stephen Hawking, my mom, my friends etc.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Nickname; Some people call me "Motown"
    Explain your nickname; I like Motown music. :tongue:
    Real name; It's on my posts.
    Age; 33, and getting younger every year.
    Place of birth; Park Ridge, IL, USA.
    Place you live now; Troy, NY, USA.
    Education; BS Engineering Physics, RPI; MS Physics, RPI.
    Occupation; I teach math, engineering, and physics at a 2-year college.
    Partner/children; Girlfriend named *melinda* (that's her PF name). No kids.

    When did you first became a member; 3/11/02, 6 months to the day after 9/11/01.
    Most fun topic; What else? A Geometric Approach to Differential Forms!
    Most boring topic; Anything having to do with "relativistic mass".
    Biggest frustration; Crackpots.
    Biggest success; I honestly think my biggest success is helping PF become what it is. I'm very proud of this site.
    Best PF Aspect; The fact that we have so many professionals here.
    Favourite PF user; Can't narrow it down to one. My favorite posts to read are by vanesch, matt grime, and I used to really like Ambitwistor when he was here.

    Life outside PF
    Favourite 3 movies/series; Series: The Sopranos, Law and Order, and South Park :biggrin: Movies: GoodFellas, Shaun of the Dead, and Pulp Fiction
    Favourite 3 books; The Logic of Scientific Discovery (Popper), Calculus on Manifolds (Spivak), and QFT in a Nutshell (Zee)
    Favourite 3 bands/singers; Super 400, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin
    Favourite country (holiday/in general); U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
    Favourite food; Anything Italian
    Favourite drink (home/night out); Harp Lager
    Some more about you: I'm an amateur chef, and not a bad one at that.
    Describe your character; I am honest, sincere, caring, and serious about science and teaching. I like to help people who want to learn.
    Best thing in your life; Melinda :!!)
    Worst thing in your life; The worst thing that happened to me was the death of my PhD thesis advisor (see my Journal).
    Something that I want to achieve; I want to get my PhD (see my Journal).
    Never again; Once I was stuck in a bad relationship, and when it ended I went into a deep depression. I would never again allow myself to be used that way.
    Worst characteristic; I procrastinate way too much.
    Best characteristic; Covered under "Describe your character".
    Person you really appreciate; Dear old mom and dad. I owe them everything. :approve:
  5. Jan 7, 2006 #4
    Nice, your the first person on this forum that I've come across that also loves that series! For all you that haven't, its amazing, too good to put into words, read it...you'll see.

    I guess I have to fill out the rest of the post now that I've come in here...

    Nickname; hmmm....jonny b, butterchicken, brooksie
    Explain your nickname; jonny b and brooksie are just variations of my name that stuck...butterchicken was born when i was at a party with my friend and I was the only white guy there, the rest were Indian or at least in part...and I loved the butterchicken that my friend's mom made. So my otehr friend Reshmi started calling me that, finding the entire episode so amusing.
    Real name; Jonathan
    Age; 17
    Place of birth; Ottawa, Canada
    Place you live now; Ottawa, Canada (will likely change next year as I go off to university though).
    Education; In gr 12 at Ashbury College.
    Occupation; Student, no job at the moment as I am concentrating on my studies.
    Partner/children; Single.

    When did you first became a member; December 25, 2005, as a member under the name "Quantum_Prodigy"...but then I messed up my password and my email address had changed so I couldn't get it working...and I made "Rocketboy" on...um..check to the left:tongue2:
    Most fun topic; The "thread killer champions" was fun throughout the "franzbear" section...
    Most boring topic; The "thread killer champions" is now very dull and pointless...
    Biggest frustration; When my friends get better marks than me.
    Biggest success; Getting into the highschool I attend (it's private) with a scholarship and so far doing well.
    Best PF Aspect; Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
    Favourite PF user; Don't have one, they're all great.

    Life outside PF
    Favourite 3 movies/series; Couldn't narrow it down, but I liked Godfather, The Island was awesome...all movies that are sci-fi/futuristic like the island/aeon flux/paycheck.
    Favourite 3 books; The Wheel of Time Series (Robert Jordan), Rocket Boys (H. Hickam Jr.), the third is a toss up...maybe The Lord of the Rings.
    Favourite 3 bands/singers; Red Hot Chili Peppers,
    Favourite country (holiday/in general); Canada with a Conservative Govt.
    Favourite food; A really really good medium-rare 16oz NY Stirloin Steak *drool*
    Favourite drink (home/night out); Milkshake from "The Works" (they have so many flavours I haven't tried half of them)
    Some more about you: I am going into mechanical/aerospace engineering next year, not sure where yet. I've been accepted to Carleton's aerospace eng. program with a part scholarship, but I'd like to go go U of T or McGill. I plan to be an astronaut eventually, or a NASA engineer designing new space vehicles. I also love cars, and I'm a spead freak.
    Describe your character; Hard-working, but at the same time loves to go out and have fun ie)party. I am trustworthy and honest, and very protective of others (such as my sisters and gf's). I also have very high goals.
    Best thing in your life; My family.
    Worst thing in your life; Living in a country where Paul Martin is the Prime Minister.
    Something that I want to achieve; See "some more about you"
    Never again; Get drunk to the point of ruining my night out.
    Worst characteristic; Procrastination.
    Best characteristic; See "describe your character"
    Person you really appreciate; My parents..they have done so much for me....I dedicated my IB Extended Essay in Physics to them.
  6. Jan 7, 2006 #5
    Nickname; Bernie =/
    Explain your nickname; Back in 7th grade, my YAL (Young Adult Lit) teacher wrote me a pass to the library with that instead of my name, and it stuck.
    Real name; Bernardo
    Age; 18
    Place of birth; Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
    Place you live now; Tomball, TX
    Education; None whatsoever, very unpolite person.
    Occupation; Student and tutor/front desk @ Kumon
    Partner/children; errr... I have a dog

    When did you first became a member; ... I dont' remember and am too lazy to check
    Most fun topic; Anything that I've replied to.
    Most boring topic; Anything that I haven't checked.
    Biggest frustration; Girls.
    Biggest success; Being the most awesome being in the verse.
    Best PF Aspect; The users.
    Favourite PF user; Moi, of course. :cool:

    Life outside PF
    N/A... j/k of course :smile:

    Favourite 3 movies/series; Firefly (and Serenity), Spider-Man, X-Men/Batman Begins (toss up)
    Favourite 3 books; Jurassic Park, Marvel Comics, and Calvin and Hobbes.
    Favourite 3 bands/singers; Skank (Brazilian), Coldplay, and Beatles.
    Favourite country (holiday/in general); Brazil.
    Favourite food; Japanese.
    Favourite drink (home/night out); Passion fruit juice.

    Some more about you:
    Describe your character; Friendly, hot-headed, loving.
    Best thing in your life; My mom.
    Worst thing in your life; My glass has always been 3/4s full.
    Something that I want to achieve; I want to help someone one way or another before I die, and I hope to do so through science.
    Never again; Vegetable soup.
    Worst characteristic; Still looking for one.
    Best characteristic; Out my numerous qualities, I guess I'd have to go with my infinite modesty.
    Person you really appreciate; Mommy, I love you. :cool: I hope to make your efforts of raising me count in the long run. o:)
  7. Jan 7, 2006 #6
    As a rule I don't fill these things out. It's just that MySpace is flooded with them (I'm a member only to communicate with some friends, as I find most of MySpace extremely boring).

    Anyway, the WoT series is awesome. I recently wrote a song about it for English class (I hope I get a good grade).
  8. Jan 7, 2006 #7
    Nickname; Smurf
    Explain your nickname; Blue Hair (not anymore)
    Real name; Trevor
    Age; 18
    Place of birth; Vernon, BC
    Place you live now; Nanaimo, BC
    Education; Some University
    Occupation; Student
    Partner/children; Nope

    When did you first became a member; It says under my nick
    Most fun topic; Philosophy
    Most boring topic; All those threads I don't care about in GD
    Biggest frustration; OPS
    Biggest success;
    Best PF Aspect; Not quite as corrupt as most other IFs
    Favourite PF user; Alexandra, Swerve

    Life outside PF
    Favourite 3 movies/series; I don't have favourites.
    Favourite 3 books; ^^^
    Favourite 3 bands/singers; Okay this one I do, BB King, NOFX and Bob Marley
    Favourite country (holiday/in general); Norway
    Favourite food; I hate food.
    Favourite drink (home/night out); Juice

    Some more about you:
    Describe your character; Honest, Passionate, Caring, Zealous
    Best thing in your life; Keesha (she takes care of me)
    Worst thing in your life; Everyone else on the planet (oh yeah, I'm also misanthropic)
    Something that I want to achieve; Havn't decided yet.
    Never again; be wrong?
    Worst characteristic; Indecisive
    Best characteristic; Confidence
    Person you really appreciate;
  9. Jan 7, 2006 #8
    I am superman, but don t tell anyone.
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