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I Why are fractions sometimes written as such: (A/B)/C?

  1. Mar 13, 2017 #1
    In my physics courses I have seen this kind of notation several times now: $$ \frac {A/B} {C}$$

    For instance:


    To me it doesn't seem intuitive and ## \frac A {BC}## would seem like a neater way of writing it. Therefore I wonder if there's any specific reason to why people write it like this.
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    Your examples have one thing in common: they describe a rate of a quantity. The quantities are normed, i.e. they are something per unit of something. The notation ##\frac{A/B}{C}## emphasizes what it is about, namely the change of a special ratio, whereas ##\frac{A}{BC}## disguises this physically important difference even if not wrong.
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