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Why can't electron be stationary ?

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    What do we mean when we say the energy of electron in stationary state is given by an equation from bohr's model of hydrogen atom ?
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    ask /see the fundamental assumptions of Bohr'model- then try to understand it- as a model is a model only -not a 'real thing".(and it may not be true)
    Suppose you build a model of a bridge- then initial assumptions become important.

    For your info see following:
    The four principles of Bohr:

    1, Electrons can stay only in certain orbits which are stable and called "stationary" orbits.

    2. Each stationary" orbits.has an energy associated with it. e.g the orbit cl.sest to the nucleus has an energy E1, the next closest E2 and so on.

    3. Light is emitted when an electron jumps from a higher orbit to a lower orbit and absorbed when it jumps from a lower to higher orbit.

    4.The energy and frequency of light emitted or absorbed is related by the difference between the two orbit energies, e.g., initial and final orbits
    E(light) = Ef - Ei and the frequency of light n is n = E(light)/h

    where h= Planck's constant = 6.627x10-34 Js and where "f" and "i" represent final and initial orbits.

    now try to understand the assumptions.
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    That there exist a formula that we plug n into, and out jumps a value which describes nth electron energy?
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