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Why did Matter Beat Out Anitmatter?

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    "Why did Matter Beat Out Anitmatter?"

    "Why did Matter Beat Out Anitmatter?," reads the article title listed in the sidebar on the righthand side of the window.

    What does this even mean? I suspect that 'matter' and 'antimatter' are arbitrary labels. If this is correct, what is apparently imbalanced in the Universe?
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    Due to rules of equlibirum in the universe it would be logical to suspect that after Big Bang there was 50% of matter and 50% of antimatter. If that were true, the matter and antimatter would anihilate with each other and turn into energy. However, obsevration of the universe shows that 1/10.000 of matter remained while the antimatter was almost all destroyed. Many scientist are asking themselfs why this is so. No definitive theorem is yet to be accepted. I read an article about a weak ago in which they were trying to explain this matter with meson B particles.
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    Is there a matter quantum numbr?
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