Why do acidic drugs remain unionized in acidic environement?

  1. Why do acidic drugs remain unionized in acidic environement, and become ionized in basic environment?

    Similarly, why do basic drugs become ionized in acidic environment and remain unionized in basic environment?
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    This is a pretty basic question about behavior of acids and bases. Short answer: because that's exactly the way they behave. Long answer: please learn about acid/base equilibrium, this is part of GenChem101.

    Actually this is a chemistry question, not medical sciences. I am moving the thread.
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  4. When I read the subject, I thought you were asking about why acidic drugs were involved in collective bargaining :smile:
  5. That's how you know if someone is a Chemist or not. You ask them to pronounce unionized.

    Un-ionized = Chemist
    Union-ized = Not a Chemist

  6. Thank you very much for your suggestion and correcting the category. And sorry about my late reply as I have been sick lately.
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