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Why do different colors of playdough smell and feel different?

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    Shouldn't they all be the same?
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    My grand kids say there is no difference in smell or feel amongst colors. If you notice a difference, it could be psychological. Sort of like finding a lone red M&M candy amongst the mostly browns. I would wait to the end to gulp it down, but in actuality, it was the same chocolate candy that melted in your mouth and not in your hand, no real difference in taste.
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    55 years ago when I played with it, it smelled the same. 22 y/a when my son played with it, it smelled the same. Maybe something changed?
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    I have a couple of cans. I can easily smell the difference with my eyes closed so I do not know which can Is which.
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    Maybe the manufacturer included scents deliberately as a help for blind people.
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    Let's not forget we are not all equal when it comes to recognizing smells.
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