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Why do I have a gray thanks?

  1. Aug 7, 2013 #1
    So under my name at the top of Physics Forums I see "Thanks: x" for some value of x. But when I go to look at my thankses, I see x+1 thankses listed, but one thanks has a little gray icon next to it rather than the healthy green. Why did I not get credit for the gray thanks?

    I initially thought it was because the thanker had too few posts but today I got a thanks from someone with <10 posts.
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    Here's a snapshot of the necrotic gray icon.

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    It's a bug that I have yet to look at. Soon! :)
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    Hey Greg,

    My Thanks counter at the top of the page is still too low by one. The boxes next to the thankses are all green now, but I still count one more in that list than what is reflected on the top right of the PF main page.

    Sorry to keep bugging bout about this.
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    And FYI, my "thanks" counter is below my stats bar, half covered-up by the search bar.
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    Are you reaching your PM limit?
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