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Why do I keep messing up on my math exams?

  1. Sep 26, 2015 #1
    I don't understand how I am doing so badly right now. I am at University studying Calculus one and I just got my first exam back and I did not do well. I went over the practice exams with a tutor and studied the day before the exam extensively. Maybe I should have started earlier. Could someone please lay out what they are doing or did in the past to help them past math exams. Because whatever I am doing now is obviously not working. I cannot afford to bomb this course. I need help desperately.

    Thank you
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    What did you mess up on?
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    There are multitudes of different things that could be affecting your ability to perform well for your maths exam. Personally, I believe that being in a correct state of mind (being relaxed and composed) is one key element required to perform to the best of my abilities when sitting any formal assessment such as an exam. I think it allows a more enhanced ability to retrieve information that is stored within the brain, as if you have studied to required information to do the exam, it will be in there somewhere.
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    The output matches the input. Try to answer these questions: Have you really studied for the maths exam?
    Can you do a mental review of the key principles/concepts required for the exam?
    Did you rest well before the exam?
    A true answer to these questions will perhaps show that the problem is in the preparation.
    Prepare adequately and your results will reflect your efforts.
    That said, what are the exact topics that are giving you headaches?
    Emman 1
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    Vanadium 50

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    You studied for a day? A whole day? :wideeyed:

    First, you need to study continuously, not just at the end.
    Second, you need to work on problems for much longer by yourself before asking for help. Being able to solve a problem with the assistance of PF is not the same as being able to solve it on your own.
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