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Why do you always assume the worst?

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    Why is it that when I express a feeling or concern, you guys seem to assume I mean it in the worst possible way, dogpile on top of me, and then lock me out of the thread before I have a fair chance to respond? My recent comments in the "I am offended by the narrow vision of this forum" thread are a good example.

    Have none of you heard of the MIT fake paper scandal in regards to this? Here's a link to the http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A6622-2005Apr21?language=printer" article.

    It seems I'm not the only one perturbed by the gobbledygook. Here's a direct quote:

    So, it would seem that my concerns are well founded. Granted, I have read many intersting papers that are simply and eloquently written. But I dare say the majority aren't written with such regards to the reader.
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    And reporters writing about technology are NOT professional scientists writing journal articles. We've already discussed the MIT thing too (it was an abstract for a conference...nobody reviews abstracts and they're considered preliminary, so don't get much weight anyway...a lot of hype over nothing).

    You had your say on this matter twice already.
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    Your post is about technology, and actually that sentence is corny but not high tech, it sounds like a sales pitch, it's a lame example. It has nothing to do with the sciences, you don't know the difference?

    You appear to be unable to grasp information, perhaps intentionally, what we refer to as a troll. You're really digging yourself quite a hole.
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