Medical Why do you need an arterio venous fistula to do haemodialysis?

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    Why do you need to create an arterio venous fistula for haemodialysis? I don't understand how it makes a good access site for dialysis. Also when not performing dialysis, wouldn't this AV fistula be bad for the body. The deoxygenated and venous blood with all its wastes mixing with arterial blood due to fistula (I'm assuming due to higher pressure in arteries, arterial blood flows to veins not vise versa but still isn't it bad for arterial blood to get mixed with venous). Also in dialysis why should the blood be pumped back into the person, isn't their a way to filter it right at the start, pumping blood back would make the person more prone to infection. Thanks :smile:
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    Why would it be? As long as it doesn't significantly affect circulation and oxygen perfusion, it shouldn't really have an effect.

    Not sure what you mean here.
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